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The Product and Guide of Mission: BibleFresh

This is the fourth post in a short series about the relationship between the Bible and Christian Mission.

In the previous post in this series, I argued that a key outcome of Christian mission is that people have access to the Scriptures. With that in mind, I’d like to take a brief look at BibleFresh, a multi-agency initiative to help British Christians engage with the Bible. Though BibleFresh is aimed at the Church, it is, in fact, an essentially missional initiative.

www.biblefresh.comBibleFresh has four central challenges:

Reading the Bible: there is lots of evidence to suggest that British Christians are reading the Bible less and less. It is difficult to see how we can grow into mature Gospel communities if we don’t regularly read and meditate on the Scriptures.

Being Trained in Handling the Bible: the majority of people who teach the Bible in Britain are Sunday School teachers, home group leaders and other volunteers who haven’t had the opportunity to do formal biblical studies. During the BibleFresh year a number of organisations (including Wycliffe Bible Translators) will be running training schemes to help people get to grips with the text of Scripture.

Giving to Translate the Bible: BibleFresh is working together with Wycliffe in Burkina and the Burkina Faso Bible translation to raise funds to translate the Bible into the two Bissa languages. I’ve already talked about this a fair bit on this site.

Providing Bible Experiences: We want people to find exciting, new ways to experience the story of the Bible. In a society where many people don’t sit down to read books, video, theatre. music and art can help make the Bible more accessible. BibleFresh aims to encourage people to think creatively about how to get the message of the Bible story across to people in Church and the wider society.

The BibleFresh website has tons of excellent resources for Churches and individuals to use, including a free leader’s guide and a booklet on refreshing preaching. There are more videos than you can shake a stick at and a lot more will become available over time. The BibleFresh twitter feed will keep you up to date with BibleFresh events and any new downloads.

I strongly believe that BibleFresh will help the British Church in its mission to the United Kingdom as well as to the wider world. Go and give the website a good browse!

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