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You can read my thoughts about agencies working together to support Biblefresh here, if you want to. Just in case you don’t want to follow the link, here is a taster of what I have to say:

The year 2011 is going to be an exciting one for those of us who are keen to see British Christians engage with the Bible at a deeper level. BibleFresh, the joint initiative for 2011 that we have been talking about for over a year now, is about to be launched. Bible champions such as Terry Virgo, Andy Frost and Tom Wright are signed up to lend their support and encouragement to the initiative, the website ( is due to go live in January and there will be launch meetings across the country during the Spring, as well as a BibleFresh presence at many of the major Christian conferences. By the time January 2011 comes round, Churches and Individuals across the UK will have heard of BibleFresh and will be planning what they can do to participate in this movement to engage more deeply with the Bible.This is really exciting. It’s the first time that so many agencies have come together to promote God’s word in this way.

I don’t like the photograph on the original article. Come to think of it, I don’t like any photograph of me, but this one is less worse than many!

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