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This post is for anyone who is thinking that they might like to try running an airport: it provides a list of things that you might like to avoid doing…

Admittedly, our flight back from Singapore was two hours late but…

  • The stand that we were due to occupy had another aircraft on it, but that wasn’t going to cause much of a delay because the other aircraft was due to be towed away.
  • But, the tug to two the aircraft didn’t work, so we had to wait for another tug to arrive.
  • There wasn’t another tug, so we had to finally go to another stand.
  • But the team who were to open the doors and do all of that stuff stayed at our first stand.
  • They eventually arrived and moved the air-bridge out to the plane, but it broke half way.
  • It took forty five more minutes to find some stairs so that we could all unload.

With all of that put together, it took 90 minutes for landing for us to get off the aircraft. I phoned Sue when we landed and she set off from Wycombe to come and pick me up. Imagine her surprise when she arrived at Heathrow to find that I was still on the plane.

The moral of this story is that if you are planning to run an airport, make sure that you know how to get passengers of an aeroplane!

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