Rob Baker is Wrong

blutak.jpgMy friend Rob Baker, who lives in Cotonou, reckons that BluTak wasn’t made for West Africa. Well, I’m just along the coast from him at the moment, and we are getting great use out of the stuff as the picture shows!

Coloured card is a great way of making plans visual and easy to see.

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Hi Eddie!

Our Blutak (‘sticky tack’if you’re from across the pond) is just fine now. It was during Harmattan that everything curled up and started falling off – but enough about me and Lois!

Have a nice time in Togo!


Rob & Lois

Ah, don’t let facts get in the way of a good story, Rob! We’ve had one day of harmattan here in Lomé which was a relief from the humidity.

You now get a credit on my blog, mostly for your malaria quote, but the blue sticky stuff also gets a mention.

Shame you’re so close but we don’t get to see you!

Enjoy your visit back to West Africa!



Hi Eddie,

My sources tell me you weren’t even using bono fide ‘Blutak’ but actually ‘white tack’. Well, I have to say I’m disappointed in you and, clearly, this invalidates your argument entirely!!

Nice video and cool music to accompany (though not 100% indigenous, I fear!!)

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