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Integral Mission (Honest)

Over the years, I’ve listened to many learned speakers and read lots of complicated books exploring the interaction between evangelism and social action. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the issue summed up so well (or as colourfully) as Jamie manages in her latest post.

Sometimes I see the Church doing this, too. I’ve seen folks who are so hell bent on figuring out where a poor soul is going to spend eternity that they either don’t see or don’t care about what that person needs today. And I see a lot of sad, hurting, broken people walking away from this Church that seems to care so much about whether or not they’re “saved” but doesn’t bother to find out that they’re lonely. Or sick. Or starving to death. Or that they’re overwhelmed by raising children, or financial burden, or porn addiction, or whatever. The people around us are navigating landmines that could take them down at any moment. And some in the Church want to hand them a Bible tract and say “It will all be okay, if only you make it into Heaven someday.”

The whole post is typical of Jamie, it starts talking about one thing and ends up somewhere entirely unexpected. You really should read it – though the language might offend.

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One Comment on “Integral Mission (Honest)

  1. Re the “offensive” language…. Tony Campolo is known for saying to large crowds…. “before i finish this sentence, xx thousand people will die in the world and you don´t give a shit…. and the worst part is many of you are more offended by the fact that i said you won´t give a shit than you are angered by the fact that xx thousand people will die in the world as I say this sentece…”

    We need to recheck what “offends” us and what should offend, anger and spur us into action…

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