Bible & Mission Links 3

To kick off this time round, Tim Davy has a fascinating post describing the module in Bible Engagement in Intercultural Contexts from the MA in Bible and Mission at Redcliffe College. It’s a bit of a cheat me mentioning this as I was one of the visiting lecturers, but you can read about the others, too! While on the subject, Mark, one of the students, has posted a good piece on Bible Engagement in Oral Cultures.

Antony Billington’s blog is rapidly becoming the best source of links on issues theological and Biblical. My only complaint is that we never learn what Antony himself thinks about the resources he links to; a bit more comment wouldn’t go amiss! Recently he linked to a fascinating paper on Bible Translation by Tom Wright.

Translating the message into the world’s many languages is therefore organically linked to the central claim of the gospel itself. Not to translate might imply, perhaps, that Jesus belonged, or belonged specially, to one group only – a dangerous idea which some of the earliest New Testament writings strongly opposed.

While on the subject of  Bible Translation, Nathan Creiz has an enthusiastic review of the Holman Study Bible. It’s not a version that I am aware of, but Nathan seems more than keen on it. Andrew Jones shared some interesting thoughts from a visit to China and reflected on the impact of a 100 year old book.

True to form, Onesimus is rather controversial, pointing out that Jesus Does Not Make Anyone Whole.

This idea that Christ has made us whole has a long history in popular Protestantism, particularly in popular Protestant hymnody.  One of the biggest reasons has nothing to do with theology or biblical teaching, but rather with the convenience that ‘whole’ rhymes with ‘soul’.  And so generations of Protestants have sung about our wounded souls having been made whole by Christ. (You really need to read the whole thing.)

After the none appearance of the rapture last weekend, James McGrath takes issue with the whole idea of rapture theology and then picks up on another apocalyptic hot topic, the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians.

Lastly, John James has some excellent advice for anyone visiting Francophone Africa for the first time.


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