Eddie and Sue Arthur

Thanks to Bath University Christian Union

From 1977 -1981, I was a student at Bath University and an active member of the Christian Union. These days the Bath CU Alumni have their own Facebook page where I recently wrote the following reflections.

OK, apart from good friends and some great times, what do you feel that the CU contributed to your life over the long term?

For me, there are two clear things. I come from a  very Reformed  background, but the CU gave me the opportunity to share, worship with and appreciate Christians from other backgrounds. Over the ensuing twenty something years I’ve worked mainly in cross-cultural mission work and the experience that Bath provided is invaluable.

In the same way, the opportunity to lead a small group and be involved in the CU committee was my first real experience in Christian leadership. I’ve done a fair bit of leadership work since, some well, some not so well – but it was my CU background that first showed that I have gifts in this area.

The bottom line is that it was really at Bath that I began to grow and mature as a Christian and the CU was a hug part of that experience.

I’d be interested to know how other readers of this blog view their time at Christian union or other student groups.

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