Welcome to Kouyanet

Thanks for visiting our website. The majority of the content here is related to our work in Christian mission in general and Bible translation in particular.

We have worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators since the mid-1980s.

We were based in Ivory Coast for 12 years, returning to the UK in 2000. During our time in Africa we were part of the team who worked on the translation of the New Testament into the Kouya language (which leads to the name of this site).

Since we returned to the UK, Sue has been involved in supporting translation work in Madagascar, while Eddie has had a number of roles in leadership and strategic planning, including a stint as Executive Director of Wycliffe in the UK. He is now the director for strategic initiatives with Global Connections and studying for a PhD in mission studies at Leeds Trinity University.

Outside of work, we love walking in the hills around our home and dragging ourselves up mountains in the North of England and West of Scotland. We have two grown up children and a rather aged Springer Spaniel.


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