Big Cheese

Well, I’m no longer working in our spare bedroom in Southampton, I now have a real office (one that doesn’t contain an electric guitar and without a spaniel asleep at my feet) in a building full of other offices. Not only that, but the office has a sign on the door which says “Eddie Arthur: Executive Director”. After twenty three years working for the same organisation I’ve become the director and it feels very, very strange.

The thing is, this isn’t like a commercial company, and becoming director isn’t really a promotion. I certainly don’t get any more money from the organisation (they never paid us in the first place). To be honest, the idea of promotion and climbing a ladder is foreign to the context in which I work. I’m Executive Director at the moment, but at some point, I’ll move on and take on another role, probably with a somewhat less lofty title.

That being said, it is extremely flattering, and an awesome responsibility to be appointed as any sort of leader amongst God’s people. At the moment, the learning curve is very, very steep and I’ve got to get to grips with all sorts of things that are outside of my comfort zone and previous experience – but hey, it’s good to be stretched.

My suspicion, is that the change in roles will mean that I will have less time to blog in the future, but only time will tell. In the meantime, if you have a prayer or two going spare, I would be very grateful for them.

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Leading others or an organisation is draining… physically, emotionally and spiritually. But when you move from Kouya Project Manager, SIL ivb Director and ETP Director to Executive Director you know your need for inner strength… And we will be there to pray for you and learn your blog too!

What a blessing for Wycliffe UK. I can believe it feels a bit strange and that you are having to work outside of your comfort zone in some things, but as they say ‘cream rises to the top’ – You da man!
We’ll be praying for you and for all the people who are now working for you 🙂

Hey, Eddie! We’re rooting for you – couldn’t have a better guy to do it (well, perhaps, but he was smart enough to turn it down!) I sort of stumbled on your site, but will be returning to keep up to date on you and your family. We miss you and wish the best for you and Sue, David and Sam. With lots of love,

Brad and Sue

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