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Death To Wrong Notions!

I love this quote from Dave Devenish:

Whether local church or mission agency, we must deal a death blow to the notion that a church exists to care for its own members but then sends missionaries to join mission agencies who can send them to other parts of the world. These ‘missionaries’ are often seen to be the more committed people or those who cannot work out their calling within traditional church life. No, the whole church exists for mission, and whether mission agency or church leaders, we must orient churches in that direction.

From What on Earth is the Church For?: A Blueprint for the Future for Church-based Mission and Social Action p. 70.

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One Comment on “Death To Wrong Notions!

    • Aren’t mission agencies part of the church – “albeit not its local expression”? Otherwise, I’m not sure which parts of “the church” (i.e. not local expression) you are referring to.

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