Partners In World Mission

Some thoughts from a Church of England mission conference.

This week finds me at an Anglican conference; Partners in World Mission. Over the years, I’ve spent a fair bit of my time at mission conferences, but this one is a bit different, so I thougt I’d share a few rather random thoughts.

  • We had a fascinating presentation on climate change, polution and corporate irresponsibility in the Philippines. In many ways, the talk said nothing new, I’ve heard similar things from other situations in the developing world. However, I was very struck by the fact that most of my friends and colleagues in the Philippines rarely talk about these issues.
  • The worship is being led by one man at the piano, rather than by a band. It makes a nice change to sing some hymns as well as worship songs. However, I am left wondering whether Anglicans are allowed to pray ex tempore.
  • However, the biggest thing that strikes me is being in a mono-denominational setting. I’ve never really noticed it before, but my life in mission agencies and organisations has been an ecumenical one. Evangelicals are generally renowned for schism and division, but, in some ways, we are pretty good at holding together people from different church backgrounds and approaches. Being in a setting where people all talk the same church language and have very similar concerns is very odd.
  • It was very pleasant to finally meetĀ Doug Chaplin, a blog, facebook and twitter friend of many years standing.
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