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Of Whom the World Was Not Worthy…

There is a wonderful obituary to Bible translator and Linguist Des Darbyshire on the UCL web page. I only met Des a couple of times and never had the opportunity to get to know him well, but he was clearly a most remarkable man. Please take the time to read the full obituary – you will not regret it.

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Thanks for this. I never met Des, but during my time with Wycliffe I heard a lot about his project and his linguistic work. In fact one of my first introductions to the work of Wycliffe back in the 1980s was through a film, or perhaps a film strip (Eddie, maybe you remember this too, and I’m sure it’s still in the HG archives), of their work in Amazonia, called I think “Not Worth the Bother?” I didn’t know until today that these words are a quotation from Robert Kennedy, who of course rejected this sentiment as would I.

Interesting — I had no idea that a British colleague working in Brazil got to meet Robert Kennedy. I just happen to have a 1000 page biography of Robert Kennedy (that I’ve never finished) and I looked up how the story is told there:
“Goodwin advocated a weekend in the jungle for relaxation. They flew to Manaus, deep in the interior, where they made their way up the Amazon in a paddle wheel steamboat. Determined to go even further, Kennedy boarded an ancient single-engine seaplane. Kissing Ethel goodbye, he said, “I must be crazy to get on this thing.” An interlude of reckless adventure and misadventure culminated in a dash down foaming rapids in a dugout canoe and swims in piranha infested waters. “Piranhas,” Kennedy said philosophically, “have never been known to bite a U.S. Senator.”

Arthur Schlesinger Jr. _Robert Kennedy, His Life and Times_ p 753 (ch 30).

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