Exciting Announcement

Please excuse me if I seem to be a little over-excited this morning, but I have some brilliant news.

Today, I can finally announce that I have been asked to coordinate an exciting new project, which I believe will have a significant impact on the UK and worldwide. In an initiative which will draw together my experience in Bible translation, mission and blogging, I’ve been asked to take the lead in the development of a new English translation of the Bible, provisionally titled “The Blogger’s Bible”.

The Blogger’s Bible will be an entirely new translation into contemporary English from the original King James Version. The idea is not to print this translation, but to make it available online or as a smartphone app. Each Bible chapter will be presented in the form of a blog post, with tags that link it to other similar passages.

Avril Poisson, marketing director of the online publishers Tu-Blagues, who are sponsoring this project writes;

The Blogger’s Bible is a unique, once in a lifetime project. In today’s world, there are simply not enough translations of the Bible in the English language and it there are virtually no websites or apps that allow English speakers to consult the Bible online. We believe that it is our mission to bridge this gap. We are very encouraged pleased that Eddie Arthur has agreed to lead this project. His experience in promoting the translation of the Bible into minority languages can be well used in the far more important task of helping English speakers.

As you can imagine, I’m really excited about this project. We expect to complete work by the end of today.

ps. For those who receive this blog post by email, please imagine that you were reading it yesterday (and check which category I’ve filed it under).

pps. If anyone does actually produce a “Bloggers’ Bible”, I came up with the idea first and demand a cut of the proceeds! 


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