From Where I Was Sitting

The talks from the best mission conference I have been to in a long, long time.

The talks from the recent Global Connections‘ Conference are now online. Although I was involved in organising the conference and probably shouldn’t say so, it was definitely one of the best mission events I’ve ever been at. If you missed out, you would be well advised to download these talks to your fruit based device and give them a listen.

The aim of the conference was to listen to voices that we don’t normally hear and the main sessions were given over to a group from Generation Y, a group of women leaders and a group of missionaries to the UK; each of whom were asked to answer the question “what is mission?”


Steve Timmis of Acts 29 was invited to give the Bible readings; he planned to give three talks on Colossians, but he fell ill after the second day and was unable to return.

As Steve was unable to give the third talk, I ended up giving the third talk.

The conference wound up with an excellent presentation of current issues in mission by my boss, Martin. If you are only going to listen to one of these talks, it should be this one.


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