Eddie and Sue Arthur

I Think This Is Brilliant!

If only we had better rappers to gain us more respect
To validate what we believe and keep our name up in the press
But God does not use the same methods as the world
He chose the foolish and the weak to bring His message to the world
We were rescued from the world, He left us here to be His servants
We don’t need more superstars we need more Gospel centered churches
Working as the body to bring the Gospel to the nations
Even when we face rejection Jesus is our validation
And we will be vindicated, yeah we know His path is narrow
To follow Him requires more than bumper stickers and apparel
They will know us by our love, not by our celebrities
So we pray for those who persecute us and show love to our enemies —

Thanks to SOLAS Centre for Public Christianity for using this as the soundtrack to their excellent podcast.

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