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Something’s Gotta Change

This is a great quote by Tim Chester, but there is a significant problem with it:

“Recently a number of voices have been raised complaining of what they perceive to be a switch in resources from traditional mission societies to the new social ministries. There is indeed a worrying decline of missionary interest in many evangelical churches and a fall-off in giving to missionary societies. Not all, however, are convinced that this is due to the rise in social concern, not least because most missionary societies have traditionally also been involved in social ministries. For many the greater concern is that over 90% of traditional mission work is directed towards areas where there are already established churches. This leaves much to be done among the 40% of the world’s population who are as yet unreached by the gospel.”

The problem is not so much with what he says, but with the fact that he wrote it in 1993 and, far from improving, things have got worse.

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