The New Faces of The Mission Movement

The western mission agency is declining to some extent. But if you see the whole world as being involved it balances that overall. What God is doing around the world is incredible.

Sorry for the long hiatus; Sue and I have just returned from Australia, where we were taking part in the Missions Interlink Conference. We also managed to fit in a bit of holiday time and the worst cold virus that either of us has had in years.

While we were there, I was interviewed by an Australia Christian magazine and you can read what I had to say here:

He tells Eternity that the old model of mission – of rich countries sending people to poorer countries – is becoming outdated.

“The biggest change that is happening around the world at the moment is what some scholars call ‘the shift in the centre of gravity’.

“Fifty years ago the majority of Christians in the world were in Europe, North America – basically among the European diaspora.

“Whereas now the majority of Christians in the world are in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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