I Pray for the World: Europe

Europe has given a great deal to the world. For a millenium it was the centre of the Christian faith and European scientists and thinkers laid most of the foundations of the world we live in now. This small Western stub of the Asian continent is the home of Newton, Einstein, Renoir, Beethoven and the Beatles, not to mention William Carey, Martin Luther and Thomas Aquinas. Of course Europe also introduced World wars and the inquisition to the wider world too – so the story isn’t entirely positive! The sad thing, however is that this continent which was once the home of so much vital Christian life now sees churches shrinking across the board. As the Christian faith grows in Africa, Asia and Latin America it seems to decline ever more rapidly in its old home of Europe.

Father God, we pray for the Christians of Europe and we ask that you would equip and encourage them to live faithfully for you in an increasingly secular society. We pray that they would know how to effectively share your good news with the world around them and we pray too that the Churches of Africa and Asia, many of whom were planted by Europeans, would send missionaries back to the ‘old countries’.

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