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I Pray for the World: West – South Collaboration

Central Africa Church Leaders’ MeetingThis history of Christian missions over the last two hundred years or so has been fairly straightforward; missionaries from Europe and North America (and other places too) have gone to Africa and Asia to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, over the past few years the situation has become more complex. Very often the churches in the Southern countries (the mission fields) are larger and more vibrant than those in the traditional sending countries. Certainly countries like Kenya, Ghana and Korea have for more right to be called ‘Christian countries’ than anywhere in Europe. But the traditional mission sending countries still have long traditions of Christian training and very often are much richer in financial terms than the old mission fields. So how do we react to the new situation? Here are some suggestions for prayer points:

  1. Pray for Western missionaries and agencies to have the humility to work under Southern leadership.
  2. Pray that Western Churches and agencies will have the wisdom to share their riches in a way that blesses the Southern churches without stifling local initiative and giving.
  3. Pray that Southern churches will also be able to serve and bless the Western church.

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