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Trauma in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This YouTube video is only five minutes long, but it is incredibly powerful and very important. Please take the time to watch it and then pass it on to others. HT Wycliffe UK Blog

If  you would like to know more about the trauma healing workshops you can download (PDF 2.4Mb) a copy of the Wycliffe UK magazine which goes into the subject in more detail, including this short piece which talks about the part of Ivory coast we used to live in when we were working with the Kouya.

Astounding changes occurred in the lives of Nyaboa people at a trauma healing seminar
in Ivory Coast during the uneasy peace after the civil war. Four former rebel soldiers had killed
several local people. They asked three others to go with them to beg the victims’ families for forgiveness. Another ex-rebel soldier had killed a pastor’s two children with his machete,
because he didn’t want his brother to become a Christian. He repented and committed his life to God. Since the pastor was absent from the seminar, he asked for forgiveness from the pastor’s  wife and relatives. They forgave him and prayed with him.

A group of young men had stolen from several pastors, hoping that this would make them leave the area. They thought the pastors’ prayers would spoil their fun. But during this seminar, God  moved them to return all the stolen property to the owners—mattresses, barrels, radios, tools,
kitchen utensils, all in good condition.

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