Where Is The Anger?

Where are the Christian artists writing to condemn injustice?

Last week, I was listening to one of my favourite songs, Hurricane by Bob Dylan, from the Desire album. I bought the album in 1980 and ever since then, I’ve been captivated by the simmering anger in Bob’s voice as he sings about the wrongful arrest and trial of Rubin Carter. Dylan doesn’t shout, but the intensity of the lyrics and his delivery leave you in know doubt what he things of the situation.

Another song which is similar in intensity to this one, is Hollow Point by Chris Wood. Unless you are a keen follower of the folk scene in the UK, you’ve probably never come across this one. Quietly, but with a bitter anger, Wood describes the process that led to the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, Brazilian electrician who got caught up in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in London, ten years ago. It is a quietly powerful song and well worth a listen.

Now my point is not to introduce you to two songs that I really, love, I want to raise a question. Where, in a world full of injustice and inequality are the Christian voices showing the same degree of anger? The Psalms and Prophets are full of condemnations of people who cheat the poor, and who distort the law and act dishonestly and we Christians should find these things as abominable as the Prophets and Psalmists did. Yet, I’m not aware of any Christian artists who address these sorts of issues – can anyone enlighten me?

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