July 8 1988

Went into the fields with Emile this morning, he showed us how to plant cocoa and bananas. Given the pleasure that the end products have given me, it is rather nice to see their production. So far we haven’t been able to find chocolate in Vavoua, this could be a major problem if it continues. As befits the world’s largest cocoa producer, Ivorian chocolate is very good. If that were not enough, many shops sell Cadbury’s, but at a price!

The paraffin fridge gave up on us again today, it took a good half box of matches to get it going. At this rate it will cost us more in matches than in paraffin.

Working with Emile we elicited the question, “where are you going?’’. Both “where are you going?’’and “where am I going’’could be written,’’moh-na-mun-ay-uh’’. the only difference between the two is the tone on “na’’, a low tone means “you’’, a higher tone means “I’’. I found I could hear the tones when Emile said them, but reproducing them is another thing altogether.

The afternoons are a real trial at the moment, David keeps waking up in a foul mood, which can last for hours. He also has become very strong minded on the subject of biscuits.

I went and sat in Emile’s family’s courtyard after dark, nice and peaceful.

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