The Safe House

Having failed miserably to keep track of my reading last year, I though (resolved would be too strong a word) that I would try and mention every book I read through 2013. So here goes: I freely admit that I bought¬†Safe House¬†by Chris Ewan because Amazon were selling it for 20p in their Kindle Store. […]

How I learned to Sing: A Story

I smiled nervously as the angel shook my by the hand and said “welcome to heaven. Let me show you around”. That first brief tour passed in a bit of a blur, there was far too much to take in, but the angel told me not to worry as I’d have plenty of time to […]

2010 Holiday Reading: Fiction

For some reason, I didn’t seem to get as much reading done as usual on holiday this year. At a later date, I’ll have some comments on the serious books that I read, but let’s kick off with some fiction. I have long been a great fan of P. D James books, but I have […]