What would Jesus say to James Bond?

Dave Burke has some good thoughts here:

Physically, Bond is indestructible, but in relationships he is a quitter. Let me put this bluntly (perhaps too bluntly, forgive me) Bond wants us to think he is invincible but he is really a looser, using the past as an excuse for his inadequacies in the present.

Intimacy, being yourself with someone and allowing them into your private world, is a task for heroes – it takes special courage, patience, honesty and the ability to trust. Bond has none of these qualities. Some of Bonds calmness is not English reserve, it is emotional constipation… he just can’t express his feelings.

One of the striking things about Jesus is the way he was prepared to be friends with people he knew would let him down. He knew that Judas would betray him, but remained friends, even to the end. He knew that Peter would deny him, and afterwards receives him back. He knows that I am not up to much either… but he is not going to let me go. Read Jesus words in John 15:1-17 and you see the heart of this. “Greater love has no man than this; that he gives up his life for his friends”. Read More

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