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I loved this section from today’s Times Website. At the same time as telling us that the new Sony reader could kill off the book, we are warned that Sony laptops can overheat and burn people. Just what we want – a paperback that gives us third degree burns as we nod off to sleep!

Actually, I’m not at all opposed to electronic books. I already carry my Bible either on my computer, my phone or my Palm Pilot. I also get a selection of classic books to hold on my Palm when I travel – it’s a great way of getting free reading. But, when push comes to shove, I love the feel of paper books and the fact that I can make notes in the margins. I also love having a bookcase full of volumes which are not just there to be read but who show who we are. Probably no one in the world has the same collection of books as Sue and I and no set of electronic files could give us as much satisfaction, no matter how convenient they were. If you’d like to know the sorts of books we read, our Amazon wishlist in the sidebar gives an idea of what we’d like and our Amazon shop shows some books that we have read and think you might enjoy.

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My buddy has one of those new “Kindle” Amazon readers. I haven’t asked him whether he likes it, but when I saw him using it, he was kind of infatuated with it, and he’s not a serious gadget guy.

We don’t keep pleasure books. Once they’re read, they’re off to the used bookseller.

Magazines? Digital can never replace my car magazines. But once read, they’re into the recycle bin.

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