Electronic Bibles

The team who are working together here in Manila start of their day with a short time of Bible study and prayer. This morning, I noticed that not one of us sitting round the table had a paper Bible open. Each of us was using a Bible in one electronic format or other. These days, when I travel I rarely carry a Bible I prefer to use Olive Tree software on my Palm Tungsten E. I’ve got the New Living Translation, a Greek text, the AV, a couple of old French Translations and a daily reading guide all stored on a flash memory card. It’s much more convenient than carrying a paper Bible and once you get used to it, reading from the screen is not a big problem.

I’ve also downloaded the Net Bible as a Windows help file. This is a free download and includes all of the translator’s notes, which are really well worth having. If anyone reading this knows where I can get a copy of the Anglican Prayer Book on Palm format, I’d be very grateful.

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