Seventeen Things About English Bibles

I’m resisting all temptations to join in with the 25 things meme that is running on Facebook and some blogs. I already say quite enough about myself and my opinions. This list isn’t a meme, but it does have a lot of good stuff to say about translations of the Bible into English.

5.  I’m becoming more and more convinced (well, I think I was already convinced) that objective reading of the text is impossible to come by.  It is often said that one should always study scripture with several different translations in hand (assuming one can’t read the original languages).  But it occurred to me the other day that chances are that a person will choose the translation among the bunch which suits the objective of study–the more “fitting” translation, the one the person likes more.  Simply reading multiple translations will not lead to the best reading of a passage, but the preferred reading. (read the whole list)

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