Theology: Black, White or Grey?

It is well worth setting aside the time to listen to the discussion between post-modern Englishman Jonny Baker and Pentecostal Nigerian Yemi Adedji from last year’s Greenbelt. These two look at the Christian faith from very different standpoints and yet demonstrate a very clear unity and close friendship. It is good stuff! There are a couple of things which strike me from their discussion, the first is Johnny Baker’s suggestion that cross-cultural missions hold the key to helping to draw together Chritians of different backgrounds (for my view on this, take a look here).  I was also struck by the implications of the different points of view on how we should think about doing mission. Tim Dakin of CMS (for whom both guys work) does a great job of comparing the discussion.

You can download the talk from the CMS website.

Hat Tip: TSK

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