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Ndop visit 1

It’s Sunday 1 February 2009. In Melbourne, Nadal and Federer have just completed yet another Grand Slam Final. This afternoon

But first thank you to Eddie for allowing me to guest on the Kouya Chronicle during my sabbatical trip to Cameroon.

In July 1997 we were just home after eight years teaching in Vavoua International School in Cote d’Ivoire – in Kouya country,
where Eddie and Sue as well as Philip and Heather Saunders, were near neighbours. We went to a Christian family holiday week run by Scripture Union in the Wicklow hills near the village that starred in the TV series Ballykissangel. After a brief presentation of our work, we were approached by a couple interested in dorm parenting.. We were excited… then surprised when we heard that Jon and Sandra Blackwell intended to take their five children with them! A year at Rain Forest International School in Yaounde got them hooked on Bible translation and to cut a long story short, they are now the literacy arm of the Ndop Cluster in NW Cameroon. Tomorrow I fly out of Dublin with Jon and Sandra to spend three weeks seeing the Ndop project for myself.
John Hamilton

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  2. Hi John, Looking forward to your updates, and possible sightings of yellow wagtails! Philip S.

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