A Biblical Hope for Mission

Tom Wright gives an excellent fifteen minute talk on the theological and practical imperatives for holistic mission.

If the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true: it is just as true in the gritty back lanes of Sunderland as in the leafy lanes of the South of England.

Listen here.

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2 replies on “A Biblical Hope for Mission”

I guess Mr Wright can get away with that stereotyping, if his current job ‘up north’ qualifies him as a northerner. Why not say “just as true in the broad open spaces of Northumberland as in the over crowded busy home counties”.

As someone who grew up on the ‘gritty backstreets of Sunderland’ and now lives in the ‘leafy lanes of the South East’, I don’t see any problem with what Wright says. Quite simply there are far more churches and far more active Christians in the South East than in my homeland. Given the paucity of Christian witness in much of rural Northumberland the picture would have fallen down completely if he had used that.

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