Rainbows In Her Eyes

A few months ago, I wrote about my twitter friend @stroopwaffle who is suffering from sever ME. Jenny (her real name) has just written a book of poetry and I want to encourage you to buy a copy and buy a few extra copies for your friends, your family and your household pets. Normally, I wouldn’t encourage you to buy a book which I haven’t read, but in this case, I’ll break my rule.

Earlier this year I had blood tests and other tests at a specialist private hospital. The results of these tests showed I have a gene missing and other genetic faults that mean my genes can’t code to make the substances that get rid of waste products from the body (detoxifcation); they also showed immune system dysfunction. So my body is very toxic and has enzymes being blocked by heavy metals, which my body can’t get rid of. Also I have active viruses (HHV-6 + HHV-7, which are usually latent in normal people, but are active in me because of a dysfunctional immune system) and probable lyme disease. This is all causing my mitochondria to fail, causing my heart to fail.

So my doctor at the specialist hospital has drawn up a treatment plan. It was a huge shock that the estimate for 12 weeks of treatment was £35,000! With the poetry book ‘Rainbows in my Eyes’ I hope to raise enough money to have this treatment. This is my only hope of getting any better from the hell I live through everyday.

You can buy copies of Jenny’s book here.

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