Books I Have Read: Winter in Madrid

A few years ago, I found myself spending a few days in a hospital in Northern-Thailand. I wasn’t ill, but there was some concern that I was and it took three days to work it all out. While I was there, some kind friends loaned me some copies of the Shardlake books by C.J. Samson. They were just the thing for a well bloke who was confined to a hospital bed. Good characters, an inventive setting and just a touch of humour to lighten the suspense.

So, when I saw another book by the same author; Winter in Madrid was available for next to nothing on Kindle, I bought it without hesitation. It’s a love story/mystery set in Spain at the time of the Civil War and Second World War and for 20p it wasn’t a bad buy. I can’t say I found it gripping, but it was pleasant enough bed-time reading. If you are looking for something good to get your teeth into, there are better books out there, but if you want an innocuous story that won’t threaten either your blood pressure or your bank balance, give this one a go.

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