Books I’ve Read: Dark Winter

For some detective writers, the city where the action takes place can be almost as important as the characters in the novel. The Morse books could only be set in Oxford, Inspector Rebus would be lost if he moved out of Edinburgh and Brighton is more or less DI Grace’s side kick.

David Mark’s Dark Winter is set in the exotic location of Hull and the discerning reader will learn a good deal about the decline of the British fishing industry and the Humber Bridge. It’s also not a half-bad detective thriller. The main character Aector McKay is a slightly strange, but ultimately sympathetic detective and the story itself is well-plotted and absorbing.

I very rarely pay full price for fiction and I don’t think I’d make an exception for this series. However, if I found others in this series in the library or in a second hand shop, I’d snap them up immediately. At 20p for the Kindle, this is a good buy.

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