Books I Have Read: Meet Me in Malmö

There are lots of books available for the Amazon Kindle at very low prices, or even for free. All too often, it becomes obvious quite quickly why they are not being sold at full price. I normally make it a point of finishing any book that I start reading – but I make an exception for Amazon Freebies. Some of them are overpriced even when they cost you nothing.

However, from time to time, I come across a cheap book on Kindle which is absolutely excellent; Meet me in Malmö by Torquil MacLeod is one such example. It is a cracking whodunnit set in Southern Sweden with more twists and turns to the plot than a Tour de France mountain stage. It isn’t as dark as some other Swedish based thrillers one could mention: more Nordic gris, than Nordic noir, and all the better for that, in my opinion. The characters are well drawn and the plot keeps you engaged; what more could you want from a thriller? I can’t speak with any authority on the details about Swedish life, but if they are half as accurate as the snatches of dialogue from a Co. Durham pit village, then they must be just about spot on. I’ve rarely read anything that captures the voices and accents of my childhood quite as well as the couple of pages based in my ancestral country.

This book will only cost you 99p on the Amazon store, you could pay far more for books that are not half as good. As for myself, I’m going to buy the second book in the series starting the same heroine, Anita Sundström; even at £1.99 it has to be a bargain.


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