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Praying for Missionaries: A Reminder

Missionaries talk a lot about doing stuff: attending meetings, preaching, travelling and what have you. But, in the final analysis, it isn’t the stuff we do that is important; it is the impact that it has that matters. Ultimately, the work of a missionary is to announce the kingdom of God in word and deed. The meetings, preaching and travelling are means to an end, not the end in itself. If the stuff we are doing isn’t contributing to the coming of God’s kingdom, then something is going wrong somewhere.

If you are someone who regularly prays for a missionary, why not ask them in what way the activities they are doing are contributing to God’s kingdom? It doesn’t do anyone any harm to stop and think through the deeper impact of their work. Of course, sometimes, the connection between the day-to-day activities and the kingdom can be a little distant. It is far easier for a Bible translator to point out the kingdom impact of his or her work than it is for someone running a finance department. But, the translator knows full well that they couldn’t do their work without the backup provided by finance and other administrative staff. We can’t be too simplistic about this.

You can download my ebook on praying for missionaries here.

‘The whole piece is refreshing, lucid and honest – I think it can do only good.’
Rev Dr Paul Adams
Senior Pastor, Banstead Baptist Church, Surrey

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