Books I’ve Read: Raven Black

Raven Black (Shetland Quartet 1) by Ann Cleeves is a thoroughly enjoyable murder mystery with an excellent couple of twists right at the end. If you like a good whodunnit, you won’t be disappointed (especially at the current low price that they Kindle edition is selling for).

The book is set on the Shetland Isles (as the subtitle implies) but there isn’t a great deal of sense of place or atmosphere about it. With a little tweaking, any rural location could have served just as well; I wouldn’t read for insight into Shetland life. But, if you are looking for a good novel to read in bed or to while away the hours on a long flight, you won’t go far wrong with this.

Will I read the rest of the quartet? Probably not at full price, but if I can find them in the library or if the price is reduced, I wouldn’t hesitate.

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