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Good News: Bad News

Picture from the BBCThe BBC News website has a very optimistic article about a new treatment for malaria which could save the lives of many thousands of African children. It’s hard for us, living in the West, to appreciate how difficult and how prevalent malaria is in other parts of the world. Any treatment which can help it has got to be good.

There is also an interesting story that DDT is being licensed again for use as an insecticide in malaria control. There is no doubt that DDT is the best insecticide available to us for mosquito control, let’s hope it is used wisely and that enviromental damage is limited. 

The not so good news is an ongoing story which has hardly hit the media in Britain, but which is causing great suffering in Abidjan. A couple of weeks ago, the washings from an oil tanker were dumpted at various sites around the city. The resulting polution has caused huge health problems with thousands of people seeking medical help and a number of deaths. You can read about this story here.

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