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Immigration, Asylum and the Tabloids

This article from today’s Guardian is very thought provoking:

A few days after the frozen body of an eight-year-old boy had been found in the wheel-arch of a plane arriving at Gatwick airport from Kenya, I had a briefing with an immigration intelligence officer tired of the negative press coverage of asylum. The boy had sneaked on to the runway in Nairobi and hidden himself in the plane’s landing gear. A report carried a police reassurance that even if there were survivors it was “very unlikely” a stowaway could penetrate Gatwick’s high security. Not a mention of what drove him to cling on to a plane at 10,000 metres with barely a wisp of oxygen in temperatures of 60 degrees below. (Emphasis mine.)
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One Comment on “Immigration, Asylum and the Tabloids

  1. I daresay he didn’t know what he was getting into.

    And as countries go – Kenya is not a traditional one to leave for another, seeking asylum. I would guess he was hoping to leave a life of poverty.

    Interesting article.

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