Let Africa Be Africa

Before the World Cup started, the media was awash with people telling us how wonderful, vibrant, colourful and noisy the competition would be. We were told that South Africa would put on an amazing show unlike anything we had seen before. Well, now the competition has started and the British media (I can’t speak for other countries) is awash with complaints about how vibrant and noisy the World Cup is! It seems that people don’t like the vuvuzela, the plastic horns that many South Africans blow during football matches.

Personally, I don’t enjoy the sound of the vuvuzela at all, but I do think it is wonderful that South African supporters are bringing something new and unexpected to the World Cup.

It seems that people are happy for Africa to play its part on the world stage, as long as it doesn’t rock the boat and do things differently to the way they would be done in Europe or the Americas. But Africa is Africa and Africans should be free to celebrate their World Cup in the way they choose. No doubt in four years time, we will have a spectacle that is nicely arranged to fit European television and delicate European ears, but for now, let Africa be Africa!

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