Just Cards

If you are looking for somewhere to buy your Christmas cards, can I suggest that you take a look at Just Cards. There are three good reasons why you might want to consider them:

  • They sell some really nice cards, including some really creative African ones.
  • They work with producers in the developing world: providing jobs and an income for needy people.
  • 25% of their profits are given to Christian Charities – including Wycliffe Bible Translators.

We work in partnership with card-making community projects in the developing world, helping to provide jobs, self-worth and security. In many cases these cards provide the only income to a widow or an orphan. We practice fair-trade principles and aim to bring hope to those who have been down-trodden, neglected and traumatised.

We sell all kinds of cards – Birthday cards, Christmas cards, Thank You cards, African cards, Christian cards, Wedding cards, banana leaf cards from Rwanda, cards made using recycled fizzy drinks cans from Karabo Card Project in Mamelodi township near Pretoria, South Africa, and printed cards from Australia and the UK – to name just a few! We sell our cards through this website, through individual traders and also through a number of retail outlets.

You really should give them a look!

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