Eddie and Sue Arthur

Swings and Roundabouts

Two stories on the BBC website today leave me confused about the state of my health. Apparently, ‘dog owners lead healthier lives than others‘ – so that’s good news for me. However, cynicism is linked to heart disease. I’d like to deny being cynical, but despite my best efforts, I do have a slight (ok, big) cynical tendency.

So, I lead a healthier life but may be more prone to heart disease. I’m still struggling to work that one out.

At first glance, it seems that things are in a dynamic tension. Then again, there is a white spaniel asleep at my feet and when, I finish writing this post and go downstairs, she will leap up, wag her tail and follow me wherever I go. When I sit down to read a theology book (which is what I should be doing – not reading the BBC), she’ll plonk herself beside my chair and start snoozing again. I’ll get thoroughly cheered up at lunchtime watching her race around on the common and if I step out of the house for five minutes, I’ll be greeted like a long lost relative. You know, I’d be a lot more cynical and morose if I didn’t have a dog to help keep my feet rooted on the ground. I think I’m a winner in this equation.

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