Release Sherif Hassan

Sherif Hassan Abdelwahab Mohamed was going to Cairo to take his new wife to meet his family and comfort them after the death of his father.

  1. Sherif Is An Egyptian Citizen
  2. Sherif Is Married to Emma, a British Citizen
  3. Emma has NO criminal record
  4. Sherif has NO criminal record
  5. Sherif Is A Follower of Jesus Christ
  6. SHERIF WAS DETAINED on 9th Nov 2010…
  7. There has been NO CONTACT from him for the last 24 hours since he said he would be in contact.

No charges have been brought.

No questions have been answered.

No indications of his location have been given.

Please visit the Release Sheriff Hassan Website and make this story widely known. Thank you.

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Thank you for bringing this to our notice Mark (and for pointing out the lack of link). It’s fixed now.

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