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Global Connections have just released details of the next Thinking Mission forum. It might be of interest to some Kouya Chronicle readers.

Thinking Mission Forum – 25 May 2011

Thinking about mission and mission that thinks

Topic Western Dominance in World Mission: Time for a Change?
Date 25/05/2011
Start time 11:00
End time 16:00
Venue CMF, 6 Marshalsea Road, LONDON SE1 1HL
Speaker Eddie Arthur, Kang San-Tan, Peter Oyugi and others

The 3rd Lausanne Congress met in Cape Town in 2010 and its Declaration says: Almost everything about the way we live, think and relate to one another is changing at an accelerating pace. For good or ill, we feel the impact of globalisation…and the changing balance of economic and political power in the world….But one great change in our world is a cause for rejoicing – and that is the growth of the global church of Christ.

This Thinking Mission Forum is part of a series of events addressing the impact of these changes, especially the growth of the global church. However, as Cape Town demonstrated, the “old” Christian world still retains a high degree of influence and authority in the world wide church. Was the issue of Western (in particular, American) theological, economic and cultural imperialism adequately addressed at the Congress? More generally, is Western leadership continuing to distort world mission, and are the emerging mission movements in danger of inheriting this distortion?

If we do feel that Western leadership is still too prominent in world mission, what are the reasons for this and how can the West learnto listen to the Majority World and act upon what it hears? Or is all this just post-colonial guilt? Come and find out and tell us what you think…

This event is free for members and students, although a donation of £5 is suggested on the day towards expenses. Members wishing to attend should complete the form below. As well as completing the form, non-members should click here to pay online. The cost for non-members is £30. Contact us if you are unsure about membership.

Please bring your own lunch, but drinks will be provided.

For more information, please contact Jane Showell-Rogers.

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