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Keswick Thoughts

This week finds me in Keswick, in the English Lake District. Now, there is nothing unusual in that, I’ve spent a fair bit of time in Keswick over the years. However, this time is somewhat different; I’m not here to wander over the fells, but to take part in the Keswick Convention. I’ve been in Keswick at Convention time before (a group of us were sharing horror stories of trying to hitchhike into Keswick in the 1970s and how all of the cars with Christian stickers would stream past us without stopping), but I’ve always headed off down the valley to explore the hills.

This time, however, I’m staying in a hotel in the town centre and leading a series of seminars (I must be getting old, or something!).  My seminar series is an interesting one and, so far, the response has been very encouraging:

  • Why give the Bible to someone who is hungry? The Bible and the marginalised world.
  • Why Give the Bible to someone who doesn’t care? The Bible and the secularised world.
  • How can you give the Bible when it doesn’t exist? The Bible and the unreached world.
  • Why give the Bible to someone who has their own book? The Bible and the religious world.

Unfortunately, the way that Keswick works means that I can’t post the seminars online in the way I usually do, but if you are interested you will be able to buy them on CD at some point.

There is an awful lot going on here at the Convention, and it is nigh on impossible to attend all of the meetings (especially if you want to sneak off for a quick walk up a hill or two). The highlights for me are Chris Wright giving a Bible overview series. I’m not sure how many people will want to buy the CD of my seminars, but you really should consider getting hold of Chris’ talks, they are absolutely excellent.

This is the first time that Sue or I have attended any of these major Christian gatherings; never been to Spring Survivor, Green Wine or any of those other big festivals. At this point, I’m not sure what I think about it. The quality of the Bible teaching is excellent, but there is something rather unreal about the situation too. I might have more to say when I think it through further. But for now, I’ve got stuff to prepare and emails to answer (I might be giving seminars, but I still have to attend to my day job!).

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