Books I’ve Read: The Funniest book of the Year

Just take my word for it; The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared is wonderful. Jonas Jonasson has rewritten the Good Soldier Schweik, made it funnier more surreal and (mercifully) shorter.

The hero of the book has had a full life and was present at most of the major events of the second half of the twentieth century; the Spanish Civil War, the invention of the atom bomb (twice), the Paris riots… You name it, Allan was there. He also comes up with the most ingenious method for killing a gangster that has ever occurred in literature. Nothing I say about this book will do it justice, I laughed and laughed as I read it. I’ve not enjoyed a comic novel so much since I first read Wodehouse thirty something years ago.

I realise that humour is subjective and that not everyone will enjoy this book as much as I did, but then again it only costs 20p for your Kindle. What can go wrong?

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4 replies on “Books I’ve Read: The Funniest book of the Year”

On this recommendation, and at the end of an overwrought week I downloaded the electronic version-from my local library.
And then I made the mistake of starting it
at bedtime…
When I finished it was 6 AM!
but at least I wasn’t stressed out anymore 🙂
a great recommendation 🙂 Thanks!

Glad you enjoyed it. It encourages me no end when people pick up on books I enjoy.

This is the 3rd book I’ve bought on your recommendation, plus the library 😉
interviewed with the local branch of Wycliffe once too.

Forrest Gump meets George Smiley! I only laughed out loud once, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The day after you recommended it I spied it on a friend’s bookshelf and borrowed it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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