Books I have Read: Carnival Kingdom

I have to declare a slight interest here. I know a number of the authors and editors of this book and they were kind enough to let me have a copy for free.

That being said, I can honestly say that Carnival Kingdom is an excellent book and one which will interest many readers of this blog. Subtitled, Biblical Justice for Global Communities, the book explores why in which the topsy-turvey, first-will-be-last Kingdom of God can and should interact with the world we are living in. This isn’t a comfortable book and calls us to reassess the way in which the Christian faith should impact all aspects of social and political life.

This isn’t a ‘page turner’, you are unlikely to stay up all night wondering what happens in the last chapter, but it does repay careful reading and reflection. The various essays which go to make up the book are through provoking and creatively presented. As with any multi-author book, different sections will appeal to different readers, but there is something here for anyone who is open to being Biblically provoked.

Carnival Kingdom is also available for The Kindle, though it isn’t so easy to make notes in the margin. The book is a product of the Justice Initiative a group that are well worth following; you can find links to their Facebook page and other things here.

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