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Wife Beating

There is an excellent post at the Evangelical Outpost about complaining about the church (the bride of Christ – hence the title).

With my experience I can talk to any fellow Christian about doctrine and scripture and within ten minutes can tell you a dozen things wrong with their theology. Given another ten minutes I can explain to them in graphic detail where they err. Whether the topic is baptism (“…you gotta dunk ’em down real good to wash away all this sin”), the emergent church (“…let me tell ya what’s wrong with that McLaren guy…”), eschatology (“Rapture? The Bible don’t say nothin’ about no…”), or any other issues that has ever caused a Protestant to start their own denomination, I can jump in with my well-formed, incontrovertible opinion. I’m always willing to look past the mote in my own eye to help a brother get that speck out of his own. That’s just the kind of guy I am.

At least I used to be. I find that I just don’t have the stomach for those old arguments anymore. I’m still willing to discuss doctrinal differences. But now I’m less sure that I’m standing on the right side of scripture. Is the view heretical or likely to lead someone away from salvation? Then I’ll fight it tooth-and-nail. If not, then I’ll probably just sit this one out.

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LOVED the ‘wife beaters’ post.

Tried to comment on it but tcehology blocked me.

(Isn’t THAT a picture of how the fall affects every aspect of life – whether we are in Africa or ‘The West’.)

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