Yesterday was a long day. I flew out overnight from Heathrow to Abuja and then we drove up to Jos where I'll be based, more or less, for the next few days.

The overnight flight to Abuja was exactly the wrong length – just over six hours. It meant getting on the plane really late and then getting off and going through immigration when I'd far rather have been asleep. This tends to be the way with flights to and from West Africa.

We were out of the airport and ready to head north before seven. On the way up we called in to visit a couple of translation projects. It does me a lot of good to hear people talk about the value and impact of the Bible in their own language. We English speakers take so much for granted.

We eventually arrived in Jos in the early afternoon and I went straight into a meeting. I told you it was a long day.

Today, I'll be meeting with a couple of organisations who are involved in training and supporting Bible translation before heading off to the retreat where I will be the speaker.

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