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The Meeting I was In Yesterday

Ruth Hubbard has posted an interesting account of the meeting I attended yesterday morning (including a rather odd picture of me). I’m afraid my blogging hasn’t been up to her prolific standards for the past couple of weeks (for the past couple of years come to think of it) but I’ll try and get back to normal soon. Sue and I fly home today (with an overnight in Kuala Lumpur airport) and hopefully I’ll get back to some serious blogging. I want to finish my series on the Gospel and Culture and there are few comments on recent posts that deserve full replies that I need to get round to.

Meanwhile, I’ve posted a couple of short videos of people talking about their work in Bible translation over at the Wycliffe UK blog if you are interested.

The BBC have an article about a Cardinal saying that we should respect atheists. Now, personally, I reckon we should respect people of all faiths (and none) but it would be nice if some of that respect came back in the direction of Christians – apparently the new Mayor of London agrees with me(see Octomusings).

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