Malaria Train

When I was in Congo earlier this year I met John James the BBC correspondent in that country. I heard today that he will soon be moving to Ivory Coast to take up a role there – this is good news. John is an excellent journalist as well as being a good guy (and we have lots of friends in common). You can see a selection of what he has done and get another view of development work in Africa by following this link.

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Hi Eddie. Not sure my last comment made it. Excited about this move, but obviously sad to leave to quickly. At university I spent my time studying East Africa so it’s a surprise to be moving further west! Hope to visit your beloved Mali sometime.

I did my first tv report last week – it’s on the website – just do a search for Congo or Congo Train and it comes up in the audio and video column.

You studied East Africa, but are now moving to Ivory Coast. Just goes to show that it is possible to make up for a bad start :-). Puts on his tin hat and waits for comments.

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